Affiliate Disclosure

Hey reader!

This is Lauren! Here on The Mission Marketer it’s my goal to help you learn digital marketing without needing to spend tons of money on courses or getting a degree.

In order to keep putting out great resources, I use affiliate links on my site for certain products that I know are useful to marketers like yourself. You should assume that any link posted may have an affiliate link attached to it. I receive a commission anytime you click one of these links and purchase the company’s product.

I in no way want to deceive anyone, that’s why I want to be upfront about these links. I do my best to disclose on each post whether or not there are affiliate links but I’m not always so great at keeping up with that.

I participate in the VigLink program (affiliate link), and independent affiliate programs with many products I mention in my articles. I don’t get any products or services for free (unless they’re already free). If I ever do get a free product, I’ll explicitly say so in the article.

Thanks for reading!