I’m Lauren! I’m the person behind Mission Marketer.

The first iteration of this site was to help beginners find resources to learn digital marketing.

Then I became cynical about marketing and how scammy and dishonest the space can be. My values have refined through the years as well and I’ve become more conscious about what I’m buying and from where. I’m really into r/simpleliving, r/frugral, r/leanfire, and r/anticonsumption to give you an idea.

Then I wondered: Is marketing compatible with my values?

Marketing won’t ever go away. There are too many companies with too much money constantly looking for new ways to acquire users and get you to buy more.

I want to be a different kind of marketer. One that doesn’t lie, deceive, or push products on people that I don’t believe in. I want to use my skills to promote companies and organizations that sell quality products and do better for the world.

Lucky for me, I work at an agency that has similar values and won’t work with a fly-by-night Shopify dropshipper or someone selling cheap junk. I’ve had freelance offers from sites that sell products I don’t agree with, and I turn them away.

This site is meant to show you resources to learn different digital marketing skills and also showcase interesting companies and organizations that have a strong mission.

Reach out to me at Lauren [at] themissionmarketer [dot] com 🙂

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