I’m Lauren! I’m the person behind Mission Marketer. My goal with this site is to help people find marketing jobs. I’ve been in the space long enough to get a feel for what companies are looking for and the skills gap that is occurring in college.

I graduated with a high GPA, and didn’t realize until I started my job search that nobody cares about it! All my life I had straight As and stressed out about having an A- or a B, I thought having a B was the end of me.

My job search led me to an unpaid internship, and I had to work a night position at a pizza restaurant to make up for that lack of pay. Eventually I was offered a full time position. Because I didn’t have any proof of digital marketing skills, the best way to get into a job was through an unpaid internship. If I had developed my skills enough to showcase them, I know I could have negotiated and landed a paid position.

In my personal opinion, marketing degrees leave graduates unprepared for the skills demanded of even entry level digital marketing jobs. We’re left taking unpaid internships because companies need to vet those who have a lack of experience or a portfolio of their skill set. I also didn’t have any internships during college so that set me back as well.

I want this site to be what I wish I had years ago when I had first entered college. I was unsure what degree I wanted and even what field to go into. I left school after 4 years with a degree in finance and marketing, but feeling like I had zero marketable skills to show for it.

I have friends asking how they can get into marketing. They don’t have marketing degrees, but I feel that those are not necessary to get a digital marketing job.

I want to teach the best ways I know of to learn the major skills you need to land your first interview. I’ll show how you can create projects and websites to showcase the new skills you’re learning. I’ll give you tips on what companies are looking for in a digital marketing application. You’d be surprised at the lack of creativity and effort that many applicants take when it comes to their resumes and portfolios (believe me, I’ve read through 70 applications and not one stood out).

In the past, I’ve used some creativity and my career capital (search “Cal Newport Career Capital”) to land a part-time remote job in addition to my prior full-time one. I’ll explain how I was able to stand out and land the position with some persistence and creativity. As of May 2017, I got a brand new full time job in a specialty I’ve been looking to get into, conversion optimization.

In the tail end of my first marketing job I was feeling bored and burnt out. I applied to just 2 jobs and landed them both by doing the extra 1% in my application.

My main goal with this site is to help answer your questions and get you feeling prepared to apply for your first digital marketing job. It doesn’t matter if you’re in high school, in college, don’t have a marketing degree, or are transitioning from another career. There are tons of ways to enter the marketing space from social to content to SEO to freelancing.

I’ll discuss the T-shaped marketer, an idea from Rand Fishkin at Moz. You should have a broad knowledge of multiple areas of marketing, but have deep knowledge of one or a few fields. My first 3 years of work helped me gain a broad knowledge of digital marketing, and now I’m specializing in just one area, conversion optimization. (I even wrote a guest post about how to become a digital marketing generalist)

I’ll put together resource guides for the different aspects of marketing to help you get a good feel for what will be expected of you on the job. I won’t try and teach you these concepts, because there are tons of great marketers and teachers out there that have done that work already. [Check out the Email Marketing Guide, Social Media GuideGeneral Digital Marketing Guide, SEO GuideContent Marketing Guide]

For college freshmen entering the marketing department, I want to help you develop your skills outside the classroom, bring up discussions with your professors, propose ideas and marketing strategies for clubs and organizations on campus. You can even use these skills in the real world to market yourself and start your own business or freelance (which I highly recommend).

I’m not going to claim to be an expert in digital marketing, there are tons of people with much more experience and knowledge than I have. But I want to teach through my experiences and give my honest opinion about how I think you should be trying to land a marketing job.

Just going to class is not enough to make it in digital marketing anymore, something I wish I had known back then. I focused too much on grades and not enough on developing actual skills. Proof of your skills is what will get you an interview, and I want to help you get there.

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